When you decide to take that fishing trip to the lake or go to the mountains to hunt elk, Real-lite offers the most comfortable truck campers on the market. These soft side models feature a pop-up roof providing a low profile aerodynamic design with all the features of home. Go where you want to go.

Backpack Edition Campers

Palomino Backpack edition campers are designed to fit a various sized trucks. With roomy living quarters, you are sure to complete any adventure you seek in comfort. Travel in style.

Backpack Order

Campers for Trucks

Go anywhere in a pick-up truck. If you’re the type of person that likes to clock out on Friday and jump in your truck for a weekend get away, campers are the perfect addition for you. Camp where ever you want, whether it’s near the California beaches, within the Colorado forests next to a fresh spring stream or in the sandy deserts of Arizona. Wind, rain, or snow can’t stop you from living your adventurous life style anywhere you can drive.

Palomino Campers

We feature Palomino campers because of the choices between hard side or pop-up roof soft-side camper styles. Travel the wilderness with comfort and convenient designed campers. Soft side walls are constructed with laminate and finished with durable vinyl canvas coating, allowing for a stand-up interior. Palomino campers also come in a variety of designs and layouts making it more versatile for camper searching for just the right floorplan to take comfort in.

Palomino Floor Plans

Backpack Edition

Hard Side Truck Campers

Item#: HS-650

Item#: HS-6601

Item#: HS-8801

Hard Side MAX Truck Campers

Item#: HS-2902

Item#: HS-2910

Item#: HS-2911

Soft Side Truck Campers

Item#: SS-1200

Item#: SS-1240

Item#: SS-1251

Item#: SS-1500

Item#: SS-550

Item#: SS-800