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Soft Tonneau Covers made usually made of vinyl, however, in some cases, plastic and aluminum can be added.
Hard Tonneau Covers are made from aluminum, fiberglass, and hard plastics.

Folding Tonneau Cover for Trucks

Folding Bed Cover

These truck bed covers fold up in different sections, which makes it easier to navigate the bed of your truck with either a closed, partially, semi, or fully opened truck bed.

Tri Fold Bed Cover for Trucks

Tri-Fold Bed Cover

Similar to a folding bed cover, tri-fold covers are designed to fold only 3 times to gain easy access to the bed of your truck. This type of cover can come in either soft or hard style.

snapless tonneau

Hinged Tonneau Covers (Soft)

Drive in style with an easy to open hinged tonneau truck bed covers with fill-tilt features. Similar to the trunk of a car, the bed cover grants you the ability to lift and close your storage compartment with ease.

Rolling Tonneau Covers

Rolling Tonneau Covers

Get the secure tonneau cover that covers the entire length of the bed on either side. This tonneau can come in a soft vinyl material or be upgraded hardcover with added aluminum durability.

snap on tonneau covers

Snap on Tonneau Cover

Reinforced with an aluminum frame, snap together truck bed covers clamp a vinyl cover to the frame of your truck. Snap tonneau covers are also available in roll-up or hinged designs.

Snapless Tonneau Covers

Snapless Tonneau Covers

Made from vinyl, snapless truck bed covers have an advantage over the typical snap together covers. Snapless tonneaus are designed to have tension control while at the same time remaining stretched across the bed of the truck to provide a sleek uniform appearance.

Roll N Lock Tonneau Covers


Roll N Lock Tonneau’s

Truxedo Tonneau Cover


Truxedo Tonneau’s

Extang Bed Tonneau Cover


Extang Tonneau’s

Retrax Tonneau Covers


Retrax Tonneau’s

Bak Industries Tonneau Cover


Bak Industries Tonneau’s

Undercover Tonneau Cover


Undercover Tonneau’s

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